Hello, this is Ahdy, I am into stock market investing since 2013. I joined the game being a complete stranger in this field. Years of submerging myself in this game, I see huge opportunities to get the best out of it. I wanted everybody to be a part of it and scrape away all your fear. I am sharing here my learning in my day to day journey in this field. And also with the how’s, when’s and why’s I heard from my loved ones (suits for complete beginners and newbies in stocks), coz’ I think, you might have the same questions that holds you from participating it.

Stock Market is not only built for rich people, as the notion of many, and is not built to take away all your money but the best place for everybody to ride the growing economy. The secret is knowing the perfect timing – the timing when to enter and exit, the timing when to participate and set aside.

To your richness, Cheers!

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